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Finally. An Online Community That Shares the Positive Things Happening All Around Us. 

We believe life is a blessing. That our children are miracles. And that each of us has the power to make a difference. We believe obstacles are opportunities and that seeing the positive in any situation can change our course. And we believe — no — we KNOW — that lifting each other up as we travel that course always comes back to us. THAT’S why we started Positively Wendy Bell. 
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America needs to smile, now more than ever. Just look around. Politics has us divided. News headlines tell us about hate and suffering. Positively Wendy Bell looks at the world differently.  We believe in the goodness of people. We know that sometimes one voice is all it takes to change someone else’s course. And we’ve made it our mission to tell America’s stories Honestly. Proudly. And Positively. 
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The Benefits of Membership

If you’re hungry for stories that make you smile, that leave you better than they found you, that rekindle your faith in the human spirit, join us!
Positive People.  Inspiring Stories.  Uplifting Interviews.
Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And it’s all at your fingertips for about a dime a day.
THAT is Positively Wendy Bell.

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What's our Mission?

Our mission is to change the narrative of news. To tell meaningful stories each of you is proud to share with your children. To share uplifting videos you want to talk about at work. To create a community where you always feel like you belong.  And the best part of joining us is sharing YOUR ideas and stories so our positive community grows even stronger.

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